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the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
“the idea that men should have power over women”

When we think of power, we tend to think of domination or control. A few years ago, though, I heard of a healthier and more yogic definition of power which resonated with me: power can be measured by how quickly you can make your desire into a reality. When we are in our personal power, we get what we want so easily, as if in the blink of an eye.

To access the kind of personal power that allows us to quickly transform what we want into what we have, we must have a clear vision of which possibilities we actually desire. Visualization and goal setting can be a helpful practice to turn the gaze inward and initiate this kind of alchemy.

I know from everyday experience that to be in a place of healthy personal power, I must also be in true alignment with my Higher Self. In yoga asana, alignment is key to a safe, purposeful and powerful practice. When we are in alignment in our poses, we can move between them efficiently and with power and grace. When we are out of alignment in our physical yoga practice, we risk injury, suffer from a more shallow breath and often a distracted mind.

Similarly, when I am out of alignment with the Higher Self, and in the rest of my daily life, I are disconnected from my personal power and blocked from attracting or creating what I desire. I may not even know what it is I desire! A sign of disempowerment is playing the victim, not owning ourselves in our true complexities. “This situation (or you) is the reason I’m acting this way,” echos frequently from my mouth when I’m disempowered.

Healthy, balanced empowerment is a constant process, especially for us women. Historically we have been conditioned to equate power with bitchiness, and so we forget how to say “no” and end up feeling like a human doormat. One helpful practice to help us step into our alignment and power is to work with the third chakra, or Manipura.

Manipura, the third chakra, is said to house the place of our personal power. The word “manipura” translates poetically as the “jewel in the city.” We all have that jewel of power, yet so often we don’t let it shine. We protect the jewel with small, ego driven stuff — which may have been appropriate at one time but probably isn’t any longer.

Imbalances with Manipura can sway either to the side of arrogance or to the side of low self confidence. Satsang (or spiritual community) can help polish this special “jewel in the city.” By balancing and polishing the 3rd chakra, you cultivate a spiritual ferocity with allows you to stay in your own transformative power without dominating others.

To assist you to step into your most splendid power, I developed this specific yoga practice to help soothe and soften the third chakra.