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You know, we coaches don’t have answers to everything. Shocking, right? In fact, the longer I am a health and life coach, the more questions I have. Lately, I’ve been perplexed by the notion of unconditional love. What does it mean, exactly? How do you know when you have it or feel it in a relationship? Does one have to feel a certain way for a certain prolonged period of time before it can be deemed “unconditional?” And if it’s unconditional then… well, then what? Do I have license to be an ass and know I’m still loved?

The most unconditional love I’ve ever felt comes from my animal buddies. Pippa throws me a party every time I walk in the front door, no matter how long I’ve been away. Every. Single. Time.

But from people, I’m not sure. Perhaps the love from parents to their children has a thread of unconditionality. In romantic relationships, even those with the best communication habits, I’m not sure that unconditional love is realistic to expect.

Although I do coach many of my clients in the realm of romance, communication, relationship and dating, most of my work focuses on self love. Learning to love yourself. I see so many of the women in my private practice – in Denver and throughout the world – learn to love and accept themselves unconditionally. Sometimes simple reframing can access this new love from the inside out. No more critical mind, no more self loathing, no more depression. It doesn’t matter what size or weight they are, or how far they’ve aged into life, when women learn to love themselves unconditionally, like Pippa’s love for me, a whole new powerful way of life opens up for them.

What are your thoughts on unconditional love?