Simple Stress-Relieving Techniques

Some of the quickest and easiest ways to calm and center yourself in the midst of your hectic life

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel too busy for self-care, exercise or catching up with friends
  • You sleep fitfully, so you feel like you need to coffee in the morning wake you up and booze in the evening to knock you out
  • You plow through your days with no real end goal or purpose
  • You are simultaneously sluggish and unable to concentrate
  • You experience muscle tension or headaches
  • You swing between depression and anxiety

Let’s change all of that, right now!

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Hi, I’m Elise. I teach busy, health-conscious yogis the actionable steps towards a stress-free and purposeful lifestyle.

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2003, and practicing my own luscious style of massage since 2009. I’m a total geek when it comes to the anatomy of the physical body and the energy systems of the subtle body. One of my heart-felt passions is to demystify the practice of the yoga lifestyle. I want to help you live with calm, clarity and ease.

I hold a bunch of fancy certificates for many modalities of bodywork, as well as Yoga Tune Up, a hybrid between massage, yoga and physical therapy.

When not hanging out in Denver with my doglet, Pippa, I love to wander the world learning about diverse spiritual traditions and ways of life.