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One of the many, many elements of coaching that I just love is that a coach coaxes truth from their client, rather than imposing upon the client their own knowledge or experience. In this way, the client “gets” their own wisdom in a way they may have never before. This new knowing is so clear and so embodied that it then seeds real changes that last.

I’ll admit I teared up a bit when I read this post from Christine, one of my Denver Life Coaching clients. (By the way, how friggin’ awesome is my job? I can’t imagine more fulfilling work)!

“How many times have you heard that you’re whole and perfect the way you are? Probably about billion if you’ve spent any time in the self-improvement community, right? When I’ve heard this, I’ve always gotten it… but I didn’t necessarily GET IT, you know what I mean? It just didn’t feel believable to me. I had this awesome chat with my kickass life/business/health coach @elisefabricant yesterday and, during it, I told her how I’d always think, “Okay, well if we have all we need, than I can just sit here and not do anything because I don’t need to seek anything… Doesn’t make sense.” I mean, if we want to survive we need to put in some work, right? Well, this topic runs VERY deep, but let’s graze just a layer of it. What I believe is that we have all we NEED spiritually. There is nothing outside of us that we need for our spirit to survive or thrive. That being said, we are here on earth for a reason. Our experience here and with others enables all of us to grow and expand. If you don’t have goals and ambitions, then there isn’t much motivation to go out in the world and DO. And going out and DOING is what causes us to have new experiences and build new relationships. It’s how we learn and grow and how we contribute to this world. We DO already have completeness within us, but all of these extra things are simply icing on the cake that we can choose to add on. And if it’s just icing, well we can relax and let go of all that anxiety, can’t we?” 🧁