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We all want to be strong, right? And I’m talking strong in both body and spirit.

Paradoxically, in order to have true strength, we must also learn how to soften. As we soften around all the many problems that arise in our lives, we can have greater strength to fight the battles that we choose. When we soften the grip of our muscles, they can perform better when we need them to be active.

A true warrior knows when to fight and when to rest.

The classic physical example of this paradox is the butt area. If you’ve ever taken any exercise course you’ve probably been guided through motions to create more strength in your tush. Unfortunately, this is not always what it needs.

Our rear end, especially our gluteus maximus, is all too often unhealthy, adhered or possessing swarms of trigger points. When locked tight in this way, the glute max can start a game of tug-of-war with the lower back muscles, especially quadratus lumborum (QL). At this point the name of the game is actually to soften and make it squishier.

In my yoga classes I instruct students to use Yoga Tune Up® balls to create “fluffy butt.” They start to enjoy the feeling of gluteal tissues that are both super strong and also relaxed and hydrated. In this way, students trade in their “buns of steel” for “fluffy butt.”

The word Yoga means UNION. Through the union that is Yoga we unite two seemingly opposite ways of being in order to create a container which allows for self-knowledge and freedom.

…expansive AND unwavering…

….soft AND strong…

…humble AND courageous…

…easy AND steady…

How are you embodying both the strong and soft of yoga in your daily life? Is one more predominant? Do you need to emphasize the other?

To incorporate a regular routine of relax and receive, consider my massage memberships. People are loving the consistency of self-care this program provides. Also, be sure to check back on this blog to find out how to bring more of this yoga balance to every day of your life.