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In my own spiritual journey, there have been a handful of “spiritual revelations” that have especially impacted me over the years.

I’m talking about those “Aha!” moments where all is illuminated and what was once confusing and mysterious now feels clear and easy. One of those revelations came when I realized how often I’ve played the role of victim.

I’ll admit to you that this habit formed when I was under four years old at the time my baby brother was born. When it came to living the healthy, balanced, powerful lifestyle my heart desired, I would often use victim-esque excuses about why I couldn’t – not enough time, money, love, good looks, education… you know it.

Suddenly, when I realized that playing the victim was the only thing holding me back from the life I wanted, I was instead powerful and in charge; anything was possible.

As a person who has spent most of her lifetime in the quest for self-knowledge, this was revolutionary. I now know that I am a badass, and you can be one, too.

In part three of this series (this one in video form) I share a bit of this great insight with you and give you a guided meditation and journaling exercise to help you start visualizing the life you want. This is video will show you one of the very first steps towards creating a lifestyle that will transform your body, mind and spirit.