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“When I started to see Elise in the fall of 2013, it was primarily to address a nagging elbow tendonitis that I could not shake. After seeing minimal improvement with physical therapy, I decided to see Elise (at minimum) every 2 weeks and it made a drastic improvement in my entire body. Elise understands the body and she takes the time to understand your body’s patterns of holding tension and stress. She has helped me to decrease the tension that I carry in my neck and shoulders, quadriceps and glutes. As a typical Denverite, I like to do it all – swim, bike, run, yoga, hike…etc. I have no doubt that regular massages from Elise have helped me to enjoy the mix of activities with decreased tension and tightness in my body. This extends to my mind as well. Thank you, Elise!”

Melora chooses Friends of Man for the Spring beneficiary of a percentage of proceeds from all ‘Stress Less, Shine More’ memberships.