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You could keep cycling through the mundane everyday, but why would you?

Getting caught up in the business of everyday life is inherently human – and inherently disconnecting. Find your way forward through one-on-one coaching by connecting, discovering, questioning, and definable action. It all starts with a 45-minute call.

It’s possible to not be overwhelmed by life’s infinite directions. Silence the noise. Stop your brain from the “What if, what if, what if…” cycle. Know what steps to take. Tackle the next obstacle head-on. Be confident in your choices.

These are the best years of your life, but you’re not feeling it. You’re stuck in the crossroads. You’re staring at a dead end. You’re treading water, swimming in circles, waiting for the rescue boat to spot you.


You’re getting by, sure. But are you going anywhere?

Life doesn’t stop and wait for you to get on board.

My clients see success through several avenues when we work together. The questions that you’ve avoided are finally answered. The dreams that start as wishes turn into attainable goals. I will push you to discover the life you want, I will push you to get there, and I will hold you accountable the whole way.

Reignite your passion

Do you remember when you loved life? When you felt inspired? When you confidently called the shots? Let’s get back there. Explore the disconnect in your life. Is it time to reconnect with that? Or is it time to find something new?

“Where do I go from here? What’s my next step? Why don’t I have the answers?!”

Not knowing your next step leaves you feeling out of control and stuck. But it’s possible to get unstuck.

When we work together, you see yourself differently. Through coaching, you set solid and attainable goals to move your life forward. Stop remembering when you were inspired, and start living it.

“She’s been a super helpful support, guide, & accountability partner as I work through a bunch of transitions and instabilities in my life. I was really struggling when I started coaching with Elise, and she’s helped me make a bunch of small shifts that have me in a complete different place today.” – Robin H.

It’s possible to not be overwhelmed by life’s infinite directions. Silence the noise. Stop your brain from the “What if, what if, what if…” cycle. Know what steps to take. Tackle the next obstacle head-on. Be confident in your choices.

“But, Elise, I don’t need a coach to give me instructions. I don’t need anyone telling me what to do. “

You’re right, you don’t.

But I don’t instruct. I ask, and I push, and I support.

Because change happens when you’re uncomfortable.

Working with me gives you the space to explore what you want, while answering the tough questions and that’s an uncomfortable space.

Being a safe soundboard is one thing, but this isn’t a casual conversation where your dreams are shrugged off. We’ll set attainable goals to get to those dreams, and you’ll be checking in the whole way to ensure you’re on the right track and walking the talk.

No one knows you better than yourself

…even if you are feeling lost. We’ll reconnect with times that you felt inspired and empowered, and use that to explore your place in life now and how you can move forward.

How do I know if I’m ‘lost enough’ to hire a coach?

Not every client is lost. Some are bored. Some are stuck. Some are underutilized. The reasons for coaching are countless, but all feel a tension in life to be worked out, and all find a direction to move in. Your life doesn‘t require a minimum amount of unrest to deserve improvement. You are worth it.

You don’t need a definition to work with a coach. But you do need to want to do the work. 

My life isn’t ‘that bad’

But it could be better, right? You could be happier. Your life could be more full. You could love your job. You could contribute to something bigger.

You will be happier. Your life will be full. You can love your job. You can contribute to something bigger.

You will have a louder voice.

When we work together, you’ll walk away from sessions knowing what to do in the everyday, and be clear on big picture results. You’ll be making your own decisions and finding your own answers.

“I was so impressed by Elise’s ability to balance compassion with a ‘kick butt and get going’ attitude, never judging but gently providing guidance and feedback. Absolutely recommend.” – Megan W.

The process starts with a 45 minute call. We’ll talk about the process of coaching and what brought you to it. There’s no pressure to make a fast decision or throw your money blindly in my direction. You’ll get to know me, and I will get to know you.

The conversation doesn’t cost you anything. But what would not making this call could cost you? Weeks of not getting anywhere? Months? Another year of being stagnant?

There is nothing to lose.

You can keep doing the same things you’ve been doing – googling advice, venting to friends over happy hour, reminiscing over the times when you were young and fueled by passion in work and life…

…but it’s time to make a change. Set up a clarity call with me. Let’s talk about where you’re at, where you were, and where you want to be. These are the best years of your life. Start living them.

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