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imagesThis is the first annual June Challenge for friends and clients of Half Moon Studios!  Two challenges, actually.  And there will be two lucky winners, one male and one female, who will receive a free massage in July!  Please read on… The first challenge is for women who normally wear heels.  (And by heels I mean any kind of shoe that brings your heel considerably higher than your toes.)  I challenge you, ladies, to put those heels away for the entire month of June.  High heels can cause a myriad of problems in the body.  Please read this post for all the details.  So put on your cute flats, even flip flops, and notice the difference in your body. The second challenge is for you men who consistently wear and wallet and/or cell phone in your back pocket.  By lifting one butt cheek higher than the other while sitting on your wallet, you are endangering your lower back, and sciatic nerves.  Read more about it here.  Guys, all you have to do is switch your accessories to your front pockets for one month, and then do some simple stretches, and notice the difference in your body. To participate in the challenge, please jot down a few lines of how your body generally feels on June 1st, and again do the same thing on June 30th.  Send them into Elise at and you’ll be entered to win a free 60-minute massage in July.