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Health Coaching


As a Health Coach, I help motivated men and women up-level their energy and reclaim their mojo – without wacky workouts or dogmatic diets – to live a passion-full life.

You might ask “what’s the difference between a health coach and other professionals like doctors, nutritionists or naturopaths?” Well, the other professionals don’t necessarily have the time or skill to have the ongoing support and accountability that inner and outer habit change work that clients and patients really need to change. Because, of course, you can give someone all the information in the world, but if they don’t do anything with it it is meaningless.

My role of a health coach is not to be a therapist, nutritionist or personal trainer, but instead master of habit change. Through the Transformational Coaching Method, I help rewire the brain patterns and therefor affect behavior, sustained motivation, and follow through.  This is the space where problems are solved for good! Clients walk away from sessions with me with a clear plan of action broken down into small, do-able steps.

My 90-Day Total Transformation Intensive is based in cutting edge psychology, brain science, nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change and lifestyle design. Within this format, I offer on-going stretch, support and accountability, as well as experiential exercises and new content with each session.

Do you want to double your energy, reclaim your mojo, and learn to love your body? If so, please reach out to schedule a free Total Transformation strategy session with me. We’ll talk for about 45-minutes on the phone, and you’ll be sure to walk away with clarity and breakthroughs about your health.

One conversation change your life! Contact Elise soon at 720-878-1959 or or book your session right here. 

Elise’s health coaching program has really changed my body and mind. I’ve realized that losing weight isn’t always about logging hours in the gym, rather more about the mindset of dieting. I feel better both mentally and physically each morning, and I’ve finally started to get back to where I’d like to see myself.” ~ Jordan V.

“A few weeks into Elise’s 90-Day Intensive coaching program, I’m already feeling a lot healthier! I feel more mentally stable, clear and strong. This program has helped me learn to focus, self-reflect and be better prepared for the challenges in everyday life.” Jackie N.

Today is day 5 of my cleanse and I feel sooo good. Plan to keep a lot the practice in my life.” ~ Laura S.

I don’t think I’ve ever had this much willpower or commitment to health and healing all the way through. Feels pretty amazing! It’s like I’m regaining my life, taking control again. And laying the path for an amazing year to come.” ~ Audrey O.

“I found myself about to succumb to an old, unhealthy binge habit and remembered what Elise taught me about my “critter brain” and it’s resistance to change. Thanks to this lesson, I was able to pause and make a healthier food choice.” ~ Amy K.


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