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Hello friends!

As you may know, each month I raise money for a different non-profit each month. Instead of giving tips directly to me, my massage clients put their “tips” in a jar and together we contribute to a good, local cause. this month I wanted to highlight the Reciprocity Collective, a non-profit founded by one of my beloved, long-time clients, Mary Putman (shown above in the grainy photo). Mary has dedicated her life over the past two years to this organization, and now I ask for your help and support to spread awareness and raise funds for her important project.

This is directly from Mary’s website:

“The Reciprocity Collective fosters and practices the belief that the entirety of communities can and need to work together to end the cycle of generational poverty and chronic homelessness through strong supported employment.

The Reciprocity Collective acts as a connector and support between businesses in need of a diverse labor pool and community nonprofit agencies working with the un-housed community to provide on the job training and  workforce development programs for individuals who have had previous challenges in employment success.  These programs provide the businesses with untapped and valuable employees while offering the nonprofits a dynamic vocational training and effective supported employment program for their clients.  By making vital connections between businesses and nonprofits, The Reciprocity Collective demonstrates how we can all work together, with existing infrastructure, to achieve the goals of sustained employment to build healthy vibrant communities.”

Please take a minute or two to head on over to HERE to see how you can get involved with events or donations to the Reciprocity Collective. There’s no need to be a Denverite to contribute; we are all part of this human family together!