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EVOLVE; Coaching for the Pandemic

In response to the pandemic world that we are living in, I’ve created a new Life Coaching program that is faster and more affordable than my normal programs, and absolutely unique to this strange time we are in. EVOLVE: 30-Days to move from FEAR to FREEDOM is a one-on-one, month-long intensive coaching experience for anyone who yearns to pull out of the sludge of Spring 2020 even bigger, brighter, and healthier than before.

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Have you or someone in your life been riding those waves of anxiety, boredom, or hopelessness? How about a lack of motivation or direction? Swimming in this soup of fear and confusion has been a common experience for many of us during this stay-at-home period of time.

Now that the world is “opening” again, there’s such pressure to move on as if everything is back to normal. But nothing is back to normal, and might never be. This is the perfect time for evolution, re-invention, and change.

The EVOLVE coaching program with me will help you:

~ Process and integrate what you’ve been through and help you identify your challenges and grow from your success.

~ Equip you with tools to ground, reconnect with your higher self, and move forward stronger than ever.

~ Teach you specific thought-work techniques to overcome emotional suffering and be happy no matter what.

~ Clarify your goals for the next chapter and set you up with a plan of action.

Normally a coaching program like this would cost $600++, but because I know that finances are uncertain for many people and I want everyone to have access to this powerful change-work, I am offering EVOLVE for $247 (or 3 installments of $99)