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After 22 years of yoga practice, I was starting to feel stuck on a asana plateau. My body was experiencing repetitive stress injuries from the thousands of chatturangas performed during my adult life, and my mind wasn’t challenged and often felt bored in practice. Noticing an unneccesary disconnect between my yoga classes and my massage practice, I wondered how to bridge this gap in a new and fun way for my students and clients. Through a Yoganonomous Facebook post, I stumbled upon Yoga Tune Up@ and quickly realized that this technology might add depth and new perspective to both my yoga and bodywork. I travelled to California for my Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® certification and am now ready to share it with Denver students starting in May.

Difficult to fully explain, Yoga Tune Up® is a conscious fitness system integrating elements of yoga, corrective exercise, self-massage. It is practiced all over the world at yoga studios, fitness facilities and retreat centers, and is now being introduced to Kindness Yoga for the first time. Using a distinctive set of exercises, poses and specialized techniques, Yoga Tune Up® playfully moves the body in a safe, effective way. The poses, routines and structure of this format are deeply rooted in discovering the biomechanics and physiology of each individual, as an individual, helping to create lasting structural change. Yoga Tune Up® approaches the body as a living archeological dig, probing layers of muscle, tendons, connective tissues and joints, and excavating unhealthy tension patterns until you are moved back into complete physiological balance. This a workout with pain relief methods that leaves you (regardless of age, experience or activity level) feeling better, stronger, happier, and more relaxed. These are five ways that Yoga Tune Up® has helped me:

1. Increase body’s overall strength

2. Feel grounded

3. Bolster the immune system

4. Relieve pain and stress

5. Improve balance, flexibility and coordination

Although not at all traditional yoga, Yoga Tune Up@ breaks down the nuts and bolts of human movement using a yogic lens of awareness, conscious relaxation, and proper breathing techniques. It helps to simplify the body into basic building blocks in order to identify where your practice may be stagnating and areas of the body that have been ignored, underused or lacking awareness. Addressing the three Ps, it eradicates pain, improves posture and enhances performance. The accessible nature and style of Yoga Tune Up® is excellent broad spectrum of both men and women ranging from athletes, professionals, yogis, and doctors, to boomers becoming active for the first time.

Please join me for a Yoga Tune Up® workshop at Pilates Aligned. November 8th, 10-12:30pm, $40 includes a set of massage therapy balls ($12 value). No need to pre-register, just show up a few minutes early.