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Welcome… I’m so happy to meet you! I hope you can find some pieces from my story below to be relatable. Please connect with me to let me know how I can best serve you.

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan to hippy American parents, the travel itch is in my blueprint. Settling in sleepy Southern Oregon for my school years gave me a sweet home base, but I continued to yearn for adventure. In college I traded in my raincoat for sunglasses and headed out west to Prescott College in Arizona. For the first time I realized that my low-level of depression was purely seasonal, and that the sun brings out the happy gal in me. Still, my restless spirit kept me moving.

After college and a vagabonding voyage to SE Asia, I joined 14 other service-minded young women to live and work on an educational ranch on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Through milking goats, collecting eggs and harvesting kale, we taught thousands of inner city kids about where their food comes from. Energized by the salty air, deep starry skies and communal living, I went on to study permaculture in Hawaii and Oregon.

Gradually I started to pay attention to this weird thing that my maternal grandmother has been telling me about; yoga. I was surprised to find that stretching and strengthening my body to the steady rhythm of my breath felt surprisingly right – like coming home – and relieved me of my chronic angst.

Upon my move to Durango, CO – a decision based purely on intuition – I was asked to teach yoga asana at a quickly growing yoga studio. After a few years teaching Bikram and Ashtanga styles, I found myself loving teaching prenatal yoga to the pregnant mamas in SW Colorado. 

From prenatal yoga, the natural next move was to become a doula. In this position as a birth assistant, I was honored to coach dozens of women through this intense and magical rite of passage. At the same time, I opened a tiny little yoga studio which went on to become the thriving YogaDurango.

After an emotional break up with a man, my wounded heart and I fled back to the West Coast and committed to a year of meditation and silence at a Zen Buddhist Monastery. The cliché of ousting men to become a nun was not lost on me! I worked in the kitchen cooking organic, vegetarian meals in silence for the 100+ community, waking before dawn for hours of seated meditation.

After twelve months of turning inward within the fairly strict boundaries of this particular spiritual tradition, I understood that it was not the right path for me. I’m more suited to the colorful, body-centered life of a whirling dervish/gypsy/hippy yogini. Following my passion of alternative medicine and the human body, and continuing on the path to find my life’s purpose, I returned to Colorado for massage school. Connecting one-on-one and helping my clients de-stress turned out to be a fulfilling career for over a decade until it started to take a toll on my own (reluctantly) aging body.

Moving to the big city of Denver opened up many opportunities for me. I started up another yoga studio – this time with an art gallery component – and started teaching for the online yoga site The power of connecting people through the internet grabbed my attention and in Spring 2017 I started chipping away at creating my own online courses to share all my learnings from the past 20 years of exploration.

One magical morning, while working on my online course “Revive: 30 Days to Vitality, Health and Ease” at a coffee shop, I met a health coach and after just a few minutes of chatting with him I knew in my bones that I found my life’s purpose. Finally. My education at the Health Coach Institute affirmed this knowing and also gave me the tribe I’d been seeking.

Now….  here I am and life is good! I work one-on-one with coaching clients to help up-level their energy, turn their new healthy behaviors into habits that last, and discover how best to express their gifts to the world.  I nurture my creative streak by producing online courses on balanced, purposeful lifestyle. Along with giving a limited number of massages, I teach yoga weekly in studios around central Denver. I am also blessed to be able to combine my love of travel with my passion in work by taking yoga and health coaching to workshops and retreat centers around the globe. I would love to help YOU in one or all of these ways. Let’s chat!

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