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I want you to take your panties off!  

Did I just say that?  (Must be the Spring weather going to my head…)

Back in massage school, my anatomy teacher used to instruct that the most important parts of the body to work were the glutes.  Yes, your butt muscles.  This group of muscles are highly important because we use them for every step of our day.

The gluteals are a group of muscles that sit on the posterior hip.  They include gluteus maximus, minimus and medius.  Their primary action is to take extend the hip, i.e. take the leg behind you.  Tight gluteals may be the cause of conditions such low back pain, stiff hips, or sciatic nerve pain.  Massage of the gluteals can help relieve and prevent these conditions.

When first receiving gluteal massage, some people can be ticklish or sore in this area.  This is often due to trigger points within the large muscles that need to be worked out slowly and over time.  Usually glutes are worked in conjunction with the upper leg or lower back.  Most of the butt is draped with the sheet, exposing just one area of muscle at a time.  It is best to remove your underwear to receive the greatest benefit from this type of massage (and it helps the therapist out quite a lot), however, if you are more comfortable with your underwear on you can still receive gluteal work from over the sheet.

After receiving massage of the glutes, clients often report that their hips feel freer, legs swing more easily, and lower back pain is gone.  Hopefully you’ll come to love gluteal massage as it not only feels good, but can be so extremely helpful! Read on for more about how massage works or what to expect for your first massage.