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With the time change and the cold snap in Denver, I’m starting to feel the inevitable pull into the dark of Winter. How did sundresses and crickets morph so quickly into icy sidewalks and Christmas music blaring in the UPS store?

This is the time of year when massage clients come to me with neck pain because they’re not yet used to adding warm scarves to their outfits. Shoulder tension is also common in November as the responsibilities of the year start to pile up.

Do you know what my #1 weapon I give to my clients to dissapear thier chronic stress and tension?



I know it sounds silly, but I highly encourage (i.e. “require”) everyone I work with to roll around on Yoga Tune Up® massage balls. These grippy balls break up adhesions in the muscles, bring more glide and ease into facia, tendons and ligaments and increase blood and lymph flow. Try as they might, tennis and lacross balls just can’t get into the different layers of tissues in the same way. And, unlike a foam roller, these massage balls are very specific in use and easily transportable. In other words, I’m a big fan.

Up until now I had no good answer when someone asked me how to use the balls. That’s why I spent the last few weeks making a video course on ball rolling just for y’all!

This course will teach you how to give yourself a full-body massage. The videos are 85 minutes of instruction, broken down into six segments that can be practiced alone or mixed and matched. They are clear and easy to follow, and use the standard size Yoga Tune Up® balls and the oh-so-awesome “Corgeous” ball. You can buy the balls through Amazon, or if you’re in my neck of the woods I can hook you up at a discounted price.

Best of all, I made this course uber affordable because I want you to be empowered to care for yourself! You can purchase the course here for yourself, or gift it to a friend or family member for the Holidays.

As the pressures of the Holiday Season start to build, it is vitally important to stay committed to a self-care routine. Just as you change the oil in your car or clean your house weekly, you also need to tend to your body and emotions with regularity and attention. So get rolling now!