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“Is there one thing that you know you could be doing that would have a big impact on your health and your life that you just don’t do consistently?”

This is one of the questions I ask in my initial Health Coaching Discovery Session. when I was once asked this question a clear and simple answer almost screamed in my head: DRINK MORE WATER.

Hydration is something I know the benefits of, and talk to clients about on the daily. So why is it so hard for me to make it a habit? Especially in the midst of cold winter days, my tendency is year for a hot cup of coffee (and later a smooth glass of wine) rather than a glass of water.

Lately I’ve been nothing less than obsessed with habit change (loving this book), and the why and how of creating new habits to support overall life goals. I’m leaning that in order to introduce new habits – like drinking more water – one must keep in mind the overall benefits as motivation, and also to set up cues and rewards to make that habit stick.

For me to add more water into my daily routines, I need to remember that the H2o will help me:

  • lubricate my joints
  • get my brain and heart working efficiently
  • transport all the good nutrients from my food
  • filter out any toxins in my system
  • give me energy
  • regulate my body temperature
  • increase collagen production to slow down the inevitable face wrinkles (and honestly, it’s sometimes this reason – aka vanity – that gets me to chug the liters)

And here are the 7 HACKS that help me adopt the habit of hydration into my daily life:

  • Begin each day by downing water, usually with lemon. Start with one cup and work up to four.
  • Fill up a pitcher with the amount of water I’d like to drink that day. Put it somewhere visible to me through the day. Or if I’m going to be out and about, fill up the water bottles I’ll take with me.
  • Buy functional and fun-feeling portable water bottles. Put name and number on them as they are so easy to lose.
  • Add flavor to the water with slices of lemon or cucumber. Cilantro can be lovely and detoxifying, too.
  • Fancy up ice cubes. Add a little juice, an edible flower or some herbal tea to the cubes.
  • Cue yourself to get up and stretch and drink water on each half hour while at your desk or during commercial breaks if watching TV.
  • Chase every cup of coffee, bottle of beer or glass of juice with an equal amount water.

Remember that signs of dehydration include brain-fog, weakness, lethargy, feeling constantly hungry, low blood pressure, dizziness and irritability.  One tried and true method to know that you are hydrated enough is if your urine is clear and copious.

Please let me know if you have any other methods of remembering to stay hydrated.

Cheers to your health!