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Elise Fabricant

coaching & massage


It’s time to stop spinning in circles and living life unfulfilled. One-on-one coaching programs are structured to get you out of the place you’re in, find clarity, and move forward with confidence. Take action and make attainable goals while discovering your passion and making it your driving force.

Kick your coaching program off with a free 45-minute Clarity Call to discover the work we can do to start living the life you deserve.


Wacky workouts and dogmatic diets produce fleeting changes, if any at all. Through my one-to-one health coaching program you will build lifestyle changes that improve your health from a variety of angles. Whether your goals are weight loss, de-stressing, auto-immune related, or nutrition forward, we’ll create a plan together from a holistic approach to get you where you need to be – and stay there.


Private yoga sessions allow advanced students to take their practice to the next level, and beginner students to build confidence and ease. We work together to refine your posture, build flexibility and strength, and instill ease in your body and practice.

In addition to private yoga sessions, I also have several classes on


In collaboration with Life Force, I organize retreats throughout the year. These experiences are structured to open the heart and mind, while flooding the soul with cultural immersion and exploration.

Join us: now booking clients for fall 2019 Peru, and spring 2020 Mexico.


Relieve your stress, enhance immunity, and increase joint flexibility with a 60-minute or 90-minute massage. Trained in Swedish, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Crainiosacral, and Neuromuscular therapy; we will establish a treatment schedule that best meets your individual needs.

My massage studio is located in Denver, Colorado.

To book a massage, please text me directly at 720-878-1959 

“I found myself about to succumb to an old, unhealthy binge habit and remembered what Elise taught me about my “critter brain” and it’s resistance to change. Thanks to this lesson, I was able to pause and make a healthier food choice.” ~ Amy K.

“She’s been a super helpful support, guide, & accountability partner as I work through a bunch of transitions & instabilities in my life. I was really struggling when I started coaching with Elise, and she’s helped me make a bunch of small shifts that have me in a complete different place today.” ~ Robin H.

“I’ve been working with Elise for several months and it’s been so helpful and encouraging. She asks fantastic questions that get me thinking and helps me set doable goals and action items.” ~ Allie F.

“I was so impressed by Elise’s ability to balance compassion with a ‘kick butt and get going’ attitude, never judging but gently providing guidance and feedback. Absolutely recommend.” ~ Megan W.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had this much willpower or commitment to health and healing all the way through. Feels pretty amazing! It’s like I’m regaining my life, taking control again. And laying the path for an amazing year to come.” ~ Audrey O.

“Working with Elise has made me see myself in such a different light. I am embracing the action items and goals and moving forward again. I would recommend a Clarity Call to anyone, it could change your perspective like it changed mine.” ~ Sandi K.

“Today is day 5 of my cleanse and I feel sooo good. Plan to keep a lot the practice in my life.” ~ Laura S.

“Your Total Transformation program is amazing! I feel so empowered!” ~ Rachel D.

A few weeks into Elise’s 90-Day Intensive coaching program, I’m already feeling a lot healthier! I feel more mentally stable, clear and strong. This program has helped me learn to focus, self-reflect and be better prepared for the challenges in everyday life.” ~ Jackie N.

“Elise’s kind & insightful coaching has helped me in many ways! She is a mentor and guide toward inspired living.” ~ Sarah H.

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"Don’t write a book unless you just can not NOT write it." - Maya Angelou I haven’t been writing much lately, in my blog, or anywhere, truly. My yoga dharma talks, which were once the effusive ideologues of youth, have been reserved and quiet. My energy has been taken...